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    Windows xp 9.1 suse install hangs on laptop

    Im trying to install 9.1 suse personal free version on my laptop 1.8 mhz amd and cant get past the welcom screen. I burned 3 cds and 2 of them bring me to the welcome screen and thats all. I read some where about the bios for the hard drives but the options are limited. I have a hp pavilion ze4145 laptop. Linux is new to me, I dont mind buying a full version, but want to see how good it lives up to the hype first.

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    it completely freezes at the welcome screen? try different options (i.e. Installation, Manual Installation, etc.), or does it even make it that far? where did you get the ISO images from? and what software did you use/how did you burn the ISO images?

    i thought there was only 1 cd in the free version of SuSE??

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    hold shift while booting from cd, then select install there. if that doesnt work too, write acpi=off as a boot option on that menu.
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    SUSE-9.1-personal-x86.iso wont seem to fit on the standard 700 mb cdr. Its 716,896 kb. Do I need a dvd burner? I tried cdburnerxp and burn4free. This is the 4th cd iv gone through, is there a way to split up the file or install it some other way?

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    i don't know what to tell you but it's supposed to fit on one cd. just to be sure, here is a link to a mirror site: it says 700MB there, which should fit on a cd. do you have any other burning software? you need to be able to write exactly one cd from exactly one iso image file. maybe try other cds or something, but something tells me not everything burned and that's why it freezes.

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    still cant get anything to load past welcom screen. I used the link for 9.1 burned the iso, not sure what was needed in the software of xp pro 3. This time I got "Cannot load Dos! press any key to retry"

    my harddrive is set to auto, otherwise lba mode is enabled, 32 bit i/o is enabled, transfermode fpio-4/dma, ultra dma disabled

    how would i manualy install this? do i need the cd to install this, or partion the harddrive first?

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