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    create boot cd with isolinux and customised logo using ppmtolss16 problem

    I am new to linux, and only using isolinux to try to create a boot cd with a customised logo. This is very difficult to understand for me

    I know how to create a bootable cd using this
    ..\cdrtools\mkisofs -o ..\BootableCD.iso -b ISOLINUX/isolinux.bin -c ISOLINUX/ -no-emul-boot  -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table .

    I have downloaded these files from this website and I place them in my ISOLINUX folder.
    There is a file splash.lss, which is a customised logo. It only has 2 colors in the palette (if you convert it to ppm and open it in Gimp), 1.white and The .lss (when converted to .ppm) is 398x99 pixels.

    If you make a boot cd, and boot from it, it shows the logo in the upper left with a black background

    however if you convert the .lss->.ppm and then convert the .ppm->.lss, (even though I didn't modify the file), it will now show the logo in the upper left corner with an orange background.

    When I made my own custom .lss logo (398x99 pixels), I wanted it to show in the upper left corner, with a black background, but it assigned it a blue color. I ensured that the palette had black in it, however I don't know why the background changes color. I'm pretty sure it has to do with ppmtools16...

    Please help me someone, to keep the background black in the boot CD!!!

    lss16toppm < splash.lss > splash.ppm
    ppmtolss16 <splash.ppm >splash.lss
    >39402 pixels, 6863 bytes, (65.17% compression)

    PS - Sorry about the links, I am not allowed to post links, but I put them there as they as they will be helpful to answer my question. Thank you

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    There is a readme file with isolinux.

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    shame on companies like HP who redirect helpdesk support to India


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