first of all thanks for the quick response

im not sure if i can do that without messing my windows drive because it is not a normal hard disk but a RAID 0 array so I dont know if i could change it as a secondary drive and still be able to use it.

what i was thinking... (i dont know too much about how linux or windows bootloader works so correct me if im wrong)... was to unplug both RAID0 harddisks and installing ubuntu in the third one and then plug-in again the RAID0 harddisks back where the were ...

if i do this and i turn on the PC like i normally do, what OS will boot? windows right? and when i want to run linux the only thing that i need to do is turn on the pc and with F10 or something like that just change the harddisk boot order to the third drive. (because i think grub doesn't recognize RAID 0)

does this make any sense to you? would this work without messing up my windows?

btw sorry if everything is not that clear, i dont speak english very good and i haven't installed linux before...