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    I can not install lilo in a Compact Flash, what is wrong???


    I find several tutorials about how to install lilo in a compact flash, but it is impossible.
    • 1.- Create a new ext2 partition, and make it bootable.
    • 2.- Use mkfs.ext2 to format partition.
    • 3.- Mount compact flash use usb car reader.
    • 4.- Create a etc folder with lilo.conf file with this code:
      • boot=/dev/sda
      • disk=/dev/sda
      • bios=0x80
      • image=/boot/bzImage
      • root=/dev/sda1
      • append=""
      • label="Linux"
      • read-only
    • 5.- Create new devices in /dev folder:
      • mknod -m660 /dev/sda b 8 0
      • mknod -m660 /dev/sda1 b 8 1

    And finally, I execute the follow comand:
    lilo -r /media/sda1 -C etc/lilo.conf

    But lilo return me a error, can not open sda device.

    Can anybody help me or more information about how to install lilo in a compact flash.

    Best regards

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    first, are you sure the device name for your usb drive is /dev/sda?
    1. insert your usb flash, wait a few seconds
    2. cat /proc/partitions
    what do you see at the end of the different lines (sda, sdb, ...?)

    If your internal hard drive is a SCSI or a SATA disk it's affected the
    /dev/sda device, then your external
    usb drive (if it's a disk or a flash key) should be /dev/sdb

    now if you're using a memory card (such as the ones used in cameras)
    depending on how recent is your system it could be
    /dev/sda or /dev/sdb, ...
    or something like

    The best way to find that out is to
    # cat /proc/partitions

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