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    Changing boot sequence

    Hi, I installed Linux with Windows and used Partition Magic to repartition and it worked, I could access both OS's.

    Right now my problem is, my family doesn't know how to use Linux and prefer Windows but GRUB automatically selects Linux on OS choice.

    Now my family not being very good on PC's I am the only one with good knowledge they do not know what is going on and what to do so they panic and press any buttons.

    I want it to load Windows by default and have Linux selectable from GRUB.

    Is there anyway to do this?

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    From a root terminal, open /boot/grub/grub.conf with your favorite text editor. And look for this line :

    "default 0"

    Change it to

    "default 1"

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    Depending on your distro the file could be called /boot/grub/menu.lst that is the way SUSE sets up GRUB.
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    BTW: Is there any way of giving my user FULL ACCESS with no stupid "file restrictions".

    I don't get this in windows I just get a warning.

    I'd like that in Linux too, but I find myself replacing files through the console which is annoying and slow.

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    file permissions are a necessary security measure due to the multiuser nature of *nix..

    and in all actuality, any real OS should have some form of permissions implemented (i think that's from the POSIX standard).. it's those OS's with no such mechanism that are broken...

    if you *really* want to give your user superuser priveleges (which is a *major* security risk), edit /etc/passwd and change his UID and GID to 0.
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    OK, Thanks

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