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    management of compiled packages

    I've got two questions regarding compiling from source:

    1. I usually untar sources in my ~/downloads. Then I compile them (.configure/make/make install). Afterwards I just delete the folder. Is that correct? Should I run 'make clean' before - if so, what would it do?

    2. How can I uninstall then such a package? I assume I would have to enter the original directory where it was compiles (but I usually delete them after the compilation).

    thanks for any help

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    when you install from source your package manager is not going to be handling them, therefore you can't do it so easily, unless you configured it otherwise, the default location to install compiled applications is usually in /usr/local so you could find its associated files in there and remove them with the rm command

    most software should not need to be installed from source as it should be available in your repository, and also if the version available is not to your liking, you should possibly switch to a more cutting edge distribution like fedora, ubuntu, or debian testing/unstable

    you should check out the program checkinstall if you are using debian based distro, it allows source compiled packages to be managed by your package manager

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    Thanks for your reply. I'm actually using slackware64-current. It was ok for Slackware 12.2 as it had a lot of slackbuilds - The problem with 64 current is that it's testing and there are not many slackbuilds for it (yet). For that reason, I am forced to do install from source (mostly gnome libraries to get programs like inkscape or gtkpod to work). I don't mind - it's fun - just wanted to know more about it.


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