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Sorry, but I don't share your opinion.

It's not only me who consider the combination of nt-bootloader for windows and grub bootloader for linux as more secure,
Even on the German Ubuntu-page this method is described (even if they say this method is for security fetishists and traditionalists)
Partitioning preference is just that opinion ... it is case specific. There is no perfect partition layout to suit all situations ... if there was all distro installers would use it.

I would think the same goes for bootloaders as well. If you are talking about 0.9... series grub and Windows bootloader neither is capable of loading the other operating system. AFAIK they must pass control to the native bootloader for the OS. If Windows passes control to grub or grub passes control to Windows bootloader makes very little difference (both bootloaders are required).

... how will you make a Windows bootloader arrangement any more secure than a grub arrangement ?