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    Fedora 2 network installation help plz

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so hello

    I'm a windows sysadmin trying to make the jump to Linix, and hoping to tap the wisdom of some Linux gurus...

    After a couple of days pulling my hair out with FreeBSD (don't ask me why), I decided to give Fedora a shot. I bought a book (Beginning Fedora 2 from Wrox publishing) which came with a DVD of the Fedora 2 core. Unfortunately I couldn't find a book that had FC2 CDs (only FC 1) so I bit the bullet and am hoping to find another solution for installation.

    Now, I DO have a DVD drive in my laptop, but don't want to install Fedora on that. So, I figure I have two options. Either do a network installation or burn the contents of the DVD onto seperate CDs (downloading the ISOs isn't really and option) and I'd hate to pay more cash for the CDs.

    So does anyone know of a good guide for the network install, or know how do break up the DVD into seperate parts?

    Thanks in advance

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    There is a book published by O'Reilley [sp?] on Fedora that includes a 2 cd install that is very helpful, that is what I had to use!. Also there are many websites that you can order linux cds for only a few dollars per, but the O'Reilley book has loads of info...

    Good luck man, its well worth it once everything gets figured out

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    Cool, thanks guys...

    That guide is really good, however I had already taken genesus' advice and bought the CDs from a cheap online supplier Still looking forward to tackling a network install at some stage though, so thanks FyberOptyx!

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