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    How do I change a tar.gz into something useable

    Hello everyone.
    I am trying to get away from Billionaire Gates and out of his clutches.This week I have installed Redhat 9.0 and it is up and running in a simple fashion & I have a LOT to learn.
    I have created a folder on the desktop to put downloaded files into, some of them are in the rpm format and I can use them, however I also have some files in the tar.gz format and I really dont have a clue on how to change them to some other format that I can use.
    I thought that they would be like a zip in windowze but they are not.
    Is there some programme or some way to change them??
    Can someone help me PLEASE before I go bald Hee-Hee
    Thank you
    ................................Pat ................................

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    tar xzvf filename.tgz

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    From a shell, that is. You should get used to it immediately, for unlike in Windows, where the graphical environment is the "real" interface to the operating system, in UNIX, the shell is the "real" interface, and all graphical things are just built on top of that, so to speak. The UNIX shell, unlike the MS DOS command interpreter, is immensly powerful. You _will_ like it once you get used to it, trust me.

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    Tar is like windows zip, it a program to package large structures of files or just a couple of files. .gz means that the file is compressed with the program gzip, it is useful if you have a big tarfile and like it to be smaller.

    I suggest that you look at the manualpages for tar,gzip and gunzip. They have a lot of agruments you can add when you want to use them.




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