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    two grubs, how do i get rid of one ?[solved]

    hi all

    i have installed fedora on my laptop and then mythbuntu, i have windows xp as well.
    The fedora install wrote its own grub loader and all was working fine. when i installed mythbuntu it also installed grub (i must have done something wrong here). so when i boot i get all my os's listed and it boots fine, this is with the mythbuntu grub But when i update fedora it updates the fedora grub and i have to manualy copy the changes to the mythbuntu grub menu.lst. or it wont work
    How can i get the boot process to go back to looking at the fedora grub boot menu because i want to delete mythbuntu to use the space for something else.
    sda5 has the fedora install with the boot directory and sda9 has the mythbuntu install also with a boot directory.
    where is the boot process told to look in the relevent directory and how do i edit it


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    From Fedora or with a Fedora CD, open a terminal and get to a grub prompt by typing
    grub as root user. You should see (grub>) and here you will type:

    root (hd0,4)
    setup (hd0)

    This should install the Fedora stage1 file to the mbr pointing to the remaining Grub bootloading files on sda5.

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    brilliant, worked a treat thanks.
    i will have to look more closely at the grub command line
    so i can dig myself out of problems like this.

    thanks again

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