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    terminal problems

    Redhat schrike,

    When in gnome , I click on the terminal icon...i get,

    "There was a problem with the command for this terminal:

    I do not see my normal " [gary@localhost gary]$ "

    I want to install adobe reader,

    and the c-media sound card driver . (I have no sound)

    and geforce driver. I have downloaded the Linux drivers and pdf reader

    to an icon " gary's home" (/home/gary). I hit ctrl+alt+f1 to get into console.

    logged in and saw " [gary@localhost gary]$ " I tried cd /home/gary , didn't work.

    I did a dir and all the files i downloaded were there but tar and sh did not work.
    what do I do? how do I search for files?

    how do I change or make directories in full console mode or gnome.

    How do I find my files when I click on the icon "gary's home"?.... I can see all the stuff

    I downloaded..but sh and tar do not work. What do I do?
    I thought I made a directory "download"in the terminal window by using md download but

    I can not find it. Iam in root user because i don't know how to set up another account.

    Pretty stupid huh? Please help

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    I will try to help you as much as possible...

    The terminal problem, I am not sure... Since you sound like a newbie, like me..., you might be interested in the KDE desktop. Before you login, click Session.. and select KDE. Once in there, type Alt+F2 and type konsole. That will give you a terminal. As far as your /home/gary situation, if you did not create any users, and are logging in as root, there will not be a /home/gary It would only be there if there was a user named gary. In order to search for the files, if you are in KDE, click the "K" (like Start in Windows) and select "Find Files" This brings up a traditional file searching program, make sure to select / as the search directory instead of /root In order to make directories the command is "mkdir" instead of "md" Also, since you sound fairly new to linux, I would recommend using rpm files for things like drivers and such. A good place to find these is

    I hope this helps you out...

    evan hazlett

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    well, first off, you did create another user, that user name is 'gary'. You set the password somewhere as well. If you don't remember the password, you can change it with `passwd gary` from the command prompt.
    secondly, you are logged in as him if you hit ctrl-alt-f1 and a black box opens up with the text: [gary@localhost gary]$ in it.
    thirdly, you don't have to change directories to get into /home/gary, that is where you automatically start out when you open that black box (called a console)
    fourthly: what do you mean tar and sh don't work? The console showing you "[gary@localhost gary]$" is a bash prompt, showing you that sh is indeed working.
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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