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    How does Lenovo take it when you break up with Windows

    I am considering getting a new laptop. Specifically a Lenovo T400. Lenovo recommends Windows, but screw them. If I get it I am going to install Debian and would hope to get a refund for my copy of Windows. Has anybody done this with Lenovo before? Can you tell me how much of a pain it is?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It seems to be an Intel motherboard. I would write down the chips and check the forums to see if certain distributions have problems with drivers for them and select a distro that works with them. That said, I would find out if you void your warranty by removing Vista. If so, dual-boot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal343 View Post
    I would find out if you void your warranty by removing Vista. If so, dual-boot.
    I agree ... without Vista on the system you are likely to struggle with warranty issues and are likely to receive little/no technical support. I suggest you take an image of the disk when you get the system, so if necessary you can restore it later. It is best to do this before resizing partitions as the partition resize process may also fail.

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    I don't think a Windows refund is easy to achieve, but probably not completely impossible. It may be more work than it's worth, but there's a short thread about the subject on the Lenovo forums:

    Windows refund as per EULA - lenovo community

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