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Thread: PS3 install

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    PS3 install

    I'm trying to install Linux on my PS3 and I have followed a guide I read online and have checked many others. I have try Ubuntu9.04 and YDL 5.02 both with Kboot and when I install them and try to use it I get a black screen and my Ps3 beeps three times (supposedly overheating sound) after about 20 seconds. I don't even get any text come up. Thanks in advance.

    Oh ya heres the steps I did
    Format PS3
    Made 10 gig other OS partition
    Took my flash drive with Ubuntu or YDL and Kboot (i wrote the kboot text the right way)
    installed other OS
    PS3 restarts and I get black screen three beeps and power button goes red

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    I'm curious to see if your are getting to the prompt and then it is beeping or if you don't see the kboot prompt and it beeps before hand? On my install it took me a few minutes to figure out I was actually missing the command prompt because my tv always takes a few seconds to kick the picture in if this is the case you might try switching to another display to get the install done and then switching back.

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