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    separate partitions

    I always mount /home on a separate partition when I install Linux but I was wondering about mounting the other major dirs like /boot, /var, /etc, /tmp, /bin on separate partitions. When you install those are usually listed as options for mounting when you partition the disk. How vital is it to make all or some of these separately? And if it is useful how big should all of them be? Obviously /boot doesn't have to be as big as /home. I have a 320GB HDD with 80GB currently dedicated to Windows and 120GB dedicated to a separate FAT32 partition that I use for storing music and documents and stuff so I an share them between linux and windows. So I have a good bit of free space.

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    You can read up on the reasons for separate partitions here:

    Linux Partition HOWTO

    As a general rule, I only make root, swap, and home partitions for my own needs.

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