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    Dual Boot system, but Linux wonít boot-HELP

    Here it goes:
    My System AMD 2100 / 30 G / ATI 9500 / and 3 backup HD on a Promise card.
    I installed WinXP on the first 20G, and then I installed Mandrake 10.1 on the back 10 G.
    During installation I selected LILO GUI, finished installation and rebooted it booted straight to WinXP .
    I have already taken these steps to correct the problem (obviously without any luck):
    1. Uninstalled the antivirus app, maybe it was preventing Mandrake from writing to the HD
    2. Inserted the Mandrake CD install Cd1 and set GRUB as my OS loader
    3. Inserted the Mandrake CD install Cd1 and set LILO as my OS loader, It canít hurt to reinstall
    4. Installed Partition Magic 8 on WinXP and created a FAT partition in front of the WinXP NTFS partition and then repeated step 2 & 3
    5. Installed boot magic

    The one thing I am definitely unsure about is when I install LILO or GRUB there is a drop down choice of partitions to chose from I just leave it on whatever it is on, it is probably pointing to the wrong one or I have donít something else wrong.


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    you just need a patch like form
    but it support read only


    try this

    Captive NTFS, it supports writing too, but in beta phase

    and your antiv app can't do anything coz when you run linux the antiv is not running.

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    Thanks for helping.
    The first link did not work and the second link takes me to a page to download a patch for Linux, how can I install a Linux app if I can't even boot to Linux?

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    Try this

    Sorry the correct link is

    and i think you need to boot in linux(at least command line) to instal a package.

    I am no good, but i like to help!!!

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    you should be able to boot into Linux using CD1 and typing "linux rescue". I don't know exactly since I don't use Mandrake.

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    Sorry, got a bit off

    You can use linux rescue or maybe just put in the first cd and then choose the upgrade installtion option, (I use FC2). try that and select a boot loader to install, set advanced permissions to install the boot loader in MBR, then install it. this surely does in FC2 & Redhat 9, so find out and fiddle with the settings.

    Note:- Make sure you have got your XP cd with you, coz if it fails, just reboot from XP cd and use the "fixmbr" command. that will keep atleast your XP running on.

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