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    Uninstalling Ubuntu from Vista

    heh, Im in a bit of a situation here...
    I installed Linux Ubuntu to my laptop because of various testings and stuff, and I thought it would be simple to remove...

    For some reason, I don't think I ever got my Windows Vista DVD.

    I want to uninstall Ubuntu from my laptop because I have encountered a lot of glitches and stuff lately (computer getting slower, 219 GB harddisk gone, linux glitching ALOT), and im getting Linux for my next PC anyway, so no point dual-booting anymore.
    I tried to delete all the partitions via the Ubuntu Live CD, but I still get the grub boot menu, and my Ubuntu still seems to be there.
    I've tried commands such for the "Master Boot Record" or whatever it is, but they dont seem to work, i've tried making an ISO from the C: drive, which didn't seem to work... I can't do anything :S

    One thing I haven't tried is the Super Grub ISO program. Is this really worth it?

    Please walk me through this uninstall step for step

    NOTE: I have plenty of empty CDs to use, if that is neccesary.
    NOTE: I have vista, but not the Vista DVD

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    Assuming you cannot boot Ubuntu?
    Can you boot into vista?
    When you had Ubuntu iinstalled, did you use the Grub bootloader to boot vista and Ubutu?

    I tried to delete all the partitions via the Ubuntu Live CD
    How? What commands did you use? Do you mean the Ubuntu partitions or Ubuntu and vista? What happened when you tried to delete, error messages?

    If you still get the Grub menu, what happens when you select Ubuntu? vista?

    The fixmbr command used with xp doesn't work for vista, different bootloader. You can search the forums or just google "repair vista bootloader" to find solutions.

    The SuperGrubDisk is capable of fixing your bootloader for vista so that would be something to try. I'd suggest you read a little about how to use it before jumping in.

    You shouldn't need to "uninstall" Ubuntu, you just install something else and overwrite it.

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