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    Red flag desktop login

    Hello everyone. Maybe you already had talked about it, but still I would like to ask your help. So here's my problem:
    I've bought a new laptop with linux and when the first time I turned it on, it stopped and showned me this:
    "Red Flag Desktop 6.0 SP1 (tty1)
    Kornel on an i686
    localhost login:
    I know, that the login is root, but i can't find the correct password
    Could someone please help me?

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    Red Flag is based on Red Hat. Unless you installed the server edition, you should be greeted with a graphical login, not a console login, so something has gone wrong.

    During the install, did you set up a user account and password? If so, you should be able to login using that info.

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    no,i havn't
    it just writes "waiting for driver initialization" and then stops asking for this.

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    Wait, I reread your first post. You purchased this laptop preinstalled with Red Flag linux? Who installed it?

    You should be able to reset the root password yourself.
    Forgotten root Password

    Once you're logged in, though, you'll still just be at a console. Either something is wrong with the setup, or there is no graphical/desktop environment installed.

    I recommend getting hold of an install disc for a different distribution, like Ubuntu, and installing that. Probably be easier in the long run.

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    I don't know who did. I bought it at a shop, turned it on, and all theese things started to happen. I havn't seen were to log in or smth like that. It just writes "waiting for driver initialization" many [OK] and then shows what i wrote in my first post. i've tried to look for passwords, find that they could be 123456 or some letter combination, but it didn't work for me.

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    Red Flag is the national Chinese distro.

    I would reinstall another OS of your choosing.

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    I think i fixed this. At the moment trying to reinstall to windows.

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    hi, kopust.
    i just bought my laptop and have the exact same problem. how did you solve it? please reply to this as quick as you can. it's really urgent.

    later edit: never mind. i finally got into the bios by pressing f2/f8/f12 ... one of them did the trick.and then it was easy. i just put the first boot device to cd rom and that was it

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    I'm not sure what to do with this information but using "root" at user name will get you a root prompt. I am very new to linux but I have installed it a few times over the years. Anyway I think is a positive answer to the question but I am setting up a ubuntu install.
    I can not yet put the link to the article where I found to use root as a user name but if you search linux dot com for red flag I think you'll find it.

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