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    Installing Ubuntu Help!!!!!

    Hey guys im new to linux and everything and I installed ubuntu along with my windows 7 ultimate beta activated and really prefer ubuntu over windows 7 but I have 3 major problems when i tried to use the demo and said you need to reboot it i click on it nothing happens then i try again on manual reboot then when it reboots im back at windows 7 even though i have the cd in the tray.

    My other 2 problems are really annoying i got this laptop with windows vista upgraded to windows 7 im sure you heard a million of those types of storys anyway, I have a realtek audio card/ driver thing and when I try to put the audio on using ubuntu no sound and I haave no idea where to download/ install drivers

    my last problem is with a flashplayer i have tried the adobe flash player so many times but it never works iv'e also tried third party ones but still no luck could someone really help me out.

    My friend uses linux (thats the reason i got hooked into it) alot and you had this cube effect or what ever and he multiable desktops thought that was really cool can ubuntu to that???
    Or was that slackware?
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