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    Fedora 11 on usb Flash drive cannot access some website

    I installed Fedora 11 on my 2gb usb flash drive using fedora live usb creator and it runs smoothly but when i try browsing the web i noticed that some websites cannot be accessed (like winehq, facebook, friendster, etc). only google and this forum and fedoram and my personal website is accessible.. is there something that i can do? i cant search google since the website results cannot be accessed.


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    Try to put another usb stick in the 2th port of your usb card (if there's only 1, consider buying an usb hub). Once done, edit the firefox.conf (guess you're using firefox and it's the proper conf filename) and change the path of the cache location that it will aim to the 2th usb stick.

    This is experimental : not sure if it will work, but if you can't get google results, it's probably because of the cache that is too small so it will probably be a better idea to borrow the hub to someone before buying one and to learn that it's not working. (Even if a usb hub isn't really expansive : +/- $20).

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    thanks for the reply..

    but where is it located? is it in /etc? what subdirectory next to /etc/?

    sorry im a newbie in fedora since im an ubuntu user.



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    I don't really know where it is located but you can find it using

    find / -name '*firefox*' | more
    Follow / with the other partitions that you have on your system, like

    find / /var /usr -name '*firefox*' | more

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