Hi, suppose first I should let ye know Iím definitely a newbie to Linux so apologies if this is stupid.

Anyway basically I wanted to understand Linux a bit better so I decided to follow the Linux From Scratch Book. Version 4.0. I started with a blank harddrive, partitioned it into three (1 from swap) installed Vector Linux on one partition, and prepared to install LFS on the other.

No need to bore you with details, but all seemed to be going well till it came to LILO, then nothing LFS wouldnít boot, or actually it may have booted however the screen stayed blank. No big deal though, probably something Iíd messed on.

The real problem came with the fact that Vector seemed to boot grand, but wouldnít start x. Ram VASM (Vector setup program) and it complained about missing directories/files. I was stumped so just reinstalled Vector, and managed to LILO to boot both Linux Versions this time.

Then I proceeded to install XFree86 on LFS, seemed to work. Then installed Fluxbox, it complained about not being able to find terminal-emulators, but eventually got it to work.

So great, for half an hour things were going quite well, but the menus in my LFS Fluxbox were pretty empty so I decided to boot into Vector to compare the menu files.

Didnít do much, booted back into LFS, hmm, the color depth and resolution reverted back to the way they were when I first installed XFree86. Tried changing the /etc/XF86Config-4 file, no effect. Same for the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

Booted back into Vector to copy its config file over. Hmm, xterm wonít run. Atrem was running so used that, copied the file. Reboot, hmm, sends TERM and KILL signals, says something about all processes being finished but doesnít reboot. Computer wonít respond, press reset.

Boot into LFS, config file has no effect. Getting frustrated so decide to check Vector. Seems to be booting ok but then asks me to enter runlevel, try 3, nothing. Same for 5.

So theres my story, which in summation simply reads; while installing LFS I managed to screw up an install of Vector TWICE. Worse both times the install seemed to die as a result of rebooting as I donít think Iíd done anything too major just prior to its death.

Also my LFS install which seemed to work grand just stopped getting the color depth and resolution right after a reboot prior to which no changes were made. Is rebooting in Linux this risky

So if anyone is still reading, Iíd like to ask some questions;

1) Which XF86Config is read, /etc/XF86Config-4 or /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 or something else maybe?
2) Fluxbox_generate_menu complained that there were no terminal-emulators in my path. I got around this by specifying xterm with the Ėt option, but how would I define a terminal-emulator in my path. When I installed in Vector this error didnít occur.
3) Any ideas why Vector died? Note both times the death wasnít instant. Iíd boot in, notice something was amiss, reboot, then things would be worse. One or two reboots later itíd be dead. Could this be a harddisk problem?

Thanks for your patience.