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    Installation Question

    When installing Linux on a Windows PC that is running Vista OS. Which Disk is referred to when instructions say "Erase and use entire disk" or " Specify Partions Manually" Does this mean the DVD disk or the windows HD. Thanks for any info.

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    It's talking about the hard drive. There should be an option to run side by side with Windows
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    Thanks Kieren. If I had checked the Erase and use entire disk then I would have taken off my Windows Vista. That would have been a hugh mistake. Thanks again Kieren.

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    The Best way is to choose
    Create Custom Layout option then create partition manually.
    other way you may go is to create free space by deleting the desired partition(where you want to install linux) and then choosing
    Use Free Space option. this saves you from extra overhead of creating partition manully but remember it creates default layout, if you want more customization then you will better off choosing Create Custom Layout.
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    Can I run Linux Mint-8 alongside my Windows Vista ? If so how? I have in past run UBUNTU on Windows Vista. I have Linux Mint -8 on a DVM. How would I install it on my Windows ? Thanks from a Linux wanna be

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    Can I run Linux Mint-8 alongside my Windows Vista ?

    if so how?
    If you installed Ubuntu 'on windows vista' i assume you did a wubi install which basically puts Ubuntu in a directory/folder within windows. Never done this but there are numerous tutoritals on it if you want to do this. If you want to install Linux Mint in a separate partition and dual-boot with vista you should first run disk defragmenter on vista and then use whatever tool vista has to shrink/resize its partition. I'd also suggest you do a backup of important data since you are unfamiliar with these procedures in case something goes wrong. Also, do you have an installation/recovery CD/DVD for vista.

    You might also do some reading on partition naming conventions in Linux, no C:\ drive/partition etc.. As suggested above, selecting Custom Setup/Partitioning is the best way as you have more control. You should get warnings before any changes take effect and if you see something that you are not sure of in the process, a warning message, stop, write it down, post it here.

    You might also check for tutorials on installing Linux Mint.

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