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    Installation Issue

    I have had problems with windows on my old laptop for a while, so my friend suggested I try Ubuntu. Which I am now trying to do

    My issue is confusing, at least for me. I downloaded Ubuntu and following directions burned it onto a disk, only to find that the disk drive on my laptop refuses to read any disks. I popped in a few other disks to confirm, it just wont read them. So I looked to the internet for help, and found the way to install Ubuntu via booting from a USB memory thingy, thumbdrive or whatever they are called. I downloaded the required programs and installed/burned/whatever it is called onto the thumbdrive.

    The directions then told me to boot up the computer from the thumbdrive as I would from a CD. This is where my issue comes from. I start the computer and did the F2 choose Boot thing and chose the option for my thumbdrive, but everytime I try to boot it up from that it refuses to do anything and just starts windows normally.
    What do I do?

    I know I'm not exactly explaining this very well, but if anyone can see if they can help me out, it would be much appreciated.

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    Hi & Welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by DHippie View Post
    only to find that the disk drive on my laptop refuses to read any disks. I popped in a few other disks to confirm, it just wont read them.
    I had installed ubuntu a few months ago on my brothers old laptop. The cd drive is already busted.
    So installed the CD installer using an external CD drive. It worked perfectly well for me. And the laptop is still performing pretty good up to now, except the CD drive of course

    I also made sure that I burned the ISO image at the lowest possible speed so as to lessen the chances of a bad burn.

    Hope you can find a way to install ubuntu.
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    Did you do the md5checksum to verify the download? There should have been instructions on how to where you downloaded Ubuntu. Also, did you burn to the thumb drive as an image. If not, it won't work. Also, burn at a low speed. If you boot windows normally and then go to My Computer and click on whatever your thumb drive is seen as, you should see multiple folders/files. If there is only one file, you burn it wrong.

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    I may have done the burn to thumbdrive wrong and I will try that again, though I may just try to get my hands on an external disk drive. There may be one at my office, I may have to scrounge around the old computer class closet to see if there are any.
    I will not give up on this crappy old computer!

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