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    dual boot (grub/lilo) help

    I posted this question in the Slackware section, but I think it would be best suited here.

    I have SUSE9.1 instaled. I want to install Slackware 10. For some reason my MBR won't reset back to just being Windows, I tried many solutions. TechyMoe suggested that I was trying to do it on the wrong drive, which I believe is correct, but I can't fix this.

    Since Slackware uses LILO and SUSE uses GRUB, do I absolutely need to get rid of GRUB before installing Slackware, or will Slack just overwrite and replace GRUB?

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    I would think it would depend on where you installed grub during the Suse install.

    If you told grub to install to the first part of your Linux partition, then I'd think Slack would just overwrite it. If on the other hand, you installed grub to the MBR, then that may be why it won't go back to just Windows.

    Does Slack by default install Lilo to the MBR? if so, then Slack should overwrite the MBR whatever is there, and allow you to set up a dual boot between Windows and Linux.

    These things are tricky though, and I may be mistaken.
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    You do *not* need to get rid of Grub. I have a multi-boot with Grub (installed on Fedora Core 1). When I installed Slackware, I just chose not to use any bootloader at all. Then I just added an entry to my grub.conf file on Fedora Core, and I can boot Slackware. This is what you have to add to your file:

    title Slackware 9.1 (2.4.22)
    root (hdx,x)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-ide-2.4.22 ro root=/dev/hdxx

    Obviously, with Slack 10 you'll have to point the file to a different kernel, but just substitute your version in (that goes for your partitions as well).

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    I have similar problem . I use mandrake linux and i set lilo on the mbr , so it boots very nicely . But I can't have dual boot to go either on linux or XP ( which becomes slow with pack 2 installed ...) I am new to linux so I don't see what to modify in the lilo config.inf , and where to find it in the computer ... anyone could help ? thanks !!! nice linux very nice


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