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    Unable to Boot Libranet

    I haven't been able to boot the Libranet 2.8.1 OS, specifically from CD's I've burned from Libranet's free download sites. I downloaded, twice, 2-CD sets of files from two of their separate sites, with the same lack of success, despite that I was able to accurately validate the the checksums after both downloads. I've successfully burnedl ISO images on my system before, but have never experienced a problem like this. Additionally, I'm using an Epox motherboard in white box system, and the BIOS is properly configured to boot from CD-ROMs.

    I would appreciate any feedback: success stories on similar equipment, troubleshooting techniques for CD-ROM boot problems, discoveries of missing files, etc.


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    try out another cd to see if it boots on your system, then we'll know if it's your system or the libranet cd that's the problem.

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    Have used other CDs

    In reply to your suggestion, I have used other CDs, and no problems there.

    However, I continued searching the Web after my post for additional information on Libranet, and found a utility for testing a CD [1]. According to the test results, the CDs I burned from Libranet's ISO image are defective, despite that the images I used to burn them passed checksum tests.

    To date, I've burned about 5 Libranet CDs, using two confirmed good ISO images, and still can't produce one usable CD. I've also used cdrecord with a shell (at 1x speed) and K3b with the GUI (at 2x) -- the same programs and speeds I've used repeatedly and successfully to burn other ISO images.

    Other than the possibility of some system background process corrupting the burn process, I'm at a loss to understand this. Though, even if background activity were causing corruption, I wouldn't expect it to occur for all 5 attempts.




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