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    How do I clean install Fedora 11 from USB?

    I have recently purchased an ACER ONE (AOA 110). I am new to the Linux stuff being brought up from birth on Windows

    The Fedora Core 8 which has been preloaded is certainly not up to scratch as all I want the laptop for is to play MP4 and AVI files. I have looked over all the threads on how to load fedora 11 (recommended version), and have gone to the Fedora site to download the files (32-bit was also recommended - running a i686 Intel Atom).

    1. My issue is do I download the files onto CD/DVD, then copy those straight onto a USB and boot from there, or can I find another way to get it directly onto a USB stick without having to waste a CD/DVD?

    2. There is also mention of a clean install and partitions across quite a few threads but I can't see how to do these and in what order, and are they necessary?

    Can someone help?

    p.s there is no CD/DVD player on this machine so it can only be loaded from USB.

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    No you do not need to burn it to a cd/dvd you can copy it straight to a USB stick Here check out this link at Fedora it is a how to: ll_Fedora_11_instead_of_using_a_physical_DVD

    you will have to copy paste the I link. I am still below the post cap for adding url's : )

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    Fedora 12 is available here.

    To make a bootable USB, use Unetbootin. It works on both Linux and Windows.

    I also suggest to try Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR). It is great for the small screens of netbooks.
    Using a typical distro or windows in an 9" netbook will hurt your eyes eventually, but with UNR's interface, no problem.
    Everything worked out of the box for me and with the following command you will get a gazillion codecs, ms fonts, flash, java runtime and more!
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

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