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    want install Win98 Ghost file AFTER installing Suse 8.0 Prof


    Is it difficult to install a pre-saved ghost file of a windows OS AFTER already installing Linux. I've just spent a long time installing, configuring my Speedtouch ADSL (Silver one) modem (PS - I PROMISE I'll write up how I did it soon!) and updating 100MB of patches.

    as an afterthought, I want to put the old Win 98 5gb partition back on (using Ghost boot disk).

    I partitioned a Western Digital 40 GB HDD as follows using the propriety CD that came with it as follows:

    partition 1 = 10GB Fat 32(left 5gb at the 'front' for Win 98 but didn't install it)
    5GB free space.
    Partition 2 = 10GB (this is where Linux lives)

    When I installed Linux it correctly identified all partitions as Window (coz they were formatted as FAT 32) and seems to have installed itself on what Windows would call th eD Drive (i.e. hda1/dev3 I think)

    So, can I put the Win98 back on or will

    1) Linux not work
    2) Linux work but can't boot into Windows?

    Or, can I use something like LILO to manually configure the dual boot??
    remaining 20GB- Fat 32

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    Installing windows after Linux usually means you won't be able to boot Linux until you reinstall lilo/grub (which isn't that difficult). I don't know exactly how it'll work with the Ghost image, but you could try it. Just be sure you have your first Linux CD ready. (By the way, if the image is of the whole drive, would it wipe out your whole drive? Might want to be careful of that.)

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    Nice one dude, it's a ghost image of a 5GB partition. I formatted 10GB, 10 GB and then 20GB. Suse currently sits on the second 10GB partition. So I what I want to do is put th eWin_98 ghost on the first one.

    Will read up on bootloaders but cheers for the tip!!!


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