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    need help for installation

    Hello. I'm a fresh user of linux. My opensuse 11.2 crashed yesterday. Then I tried to repair the system using the suse 11.2 dvd but it showed the following information and proved to be useless (my computer has two hard disks and the crashed system was installed on sda, whereas sdb is empty and not formatted):

    1. partition table of sdb is lost. (I skipped the repair step because sdb is the empty hard disk of my computer.)
    2. activate sda1(Swap). (Yes)
    3. not found packages: /var/lib/rpm/Filemd5s. (I chose "rebuild" and it succeeded)
    4. initrd modules missing: the file /etc/sysconfig/kernel contains a list of modules to add to the initial RAM disk by calling mkinitrd. Yast is missing the following modules: jbd2, mbcache & ext4 (choose repair, failed: Root device (sda2) not found)
    5. boot loader error detected. (repair & succeeded)

    Then I rebooted my computer. Black screen eventually came out after the loading interface of suse showed up.

    Now I'm thinking about reinstall of the system. When pushing the "import mount points" button, it shows the following information:
    A previous system with the following mounting points was detected: /etc/fstab found on /dev/sda2
    /dev/sda1 swap
    /dev/sda2 /
    /dev/sda3 /home

    And moreover, the recommended partition plan becomes :
    /dev/sda1 2.01GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_swap Swap Swap
    /dev/sda2 20.0GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_native Ext4
    /dev/sda3 909.5GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_native Ext4
    dev/sdb1 20.0GB F linux_native Ext4 /
    /dev/sdb2 911.5GB F linux_native Ext4 /home

    My question is whether it is still possible to recover the files on sda3 (ie the old /home directory) by following the partition settings below (import previous mounting points & delete all partitions on sdb):
    /dev/sda1 2.01GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_swap swap swap
    /dev/sda2 20.0GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_native Ext4 /
    /dev/sda3 909.51GB (no_F_sign_here) linux_native Ext4 /home

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You can try using TestDisk and PhotoRec to recover any partitions/data that you might want to keep. Not sure that it will work at this point, but maybe worth a try. You can find both applications on the Parted Magic LiveCD.

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