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    unable to boot WinXP after installation of FC2

    Hi eveyone!

    I've installed FC2 the first time (taking all the harddisk), but later one I wanted to calim some portion of my harddisk to boot WinXP, so I have deleted any existing partition on the harddisk, but finally I recieved the error after I the CD (windXP) has copied its content into the harddisk, to continue the installation, the error says (missing operating system).... I wonder what FC2 has done to the partition table and is there any way to make this dual boot possible with FC2.


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    a "missing operating system" error should have nothing to do with an os messing up a hard disk. i'm still not clear exactly at what step you get this error. i think this is what you mean:

    -you had FC2 installed, but decided to install xp
    -you installed xp over FC2 and rebooted

    now i'm lost. can you lay out the steps systematically and in detail so it's easier to pinpoint the problem? an xp/fc2 dualboot shouldn't be too hard to setup though.

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    yeah, not hard to do - usually you install XP first, and then FC 2. Don't know what happened with the XP installation on FC2.

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    tuubaaku is wise.

    Windows always wants to be first on your hard drive. Install it first, then use Partition Magic 8 or a similar Windows partitioning utility to resize the XP NTFS partition and create your Linux partitions. Don't use FC to create partitions as there is a known issue that should be avoided when doing a dual boot with XP.
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    Yyyeeesss, PM8, I used that, I got it off of Kazza, it worked like a dream, I had to compress my drive tho to get enough space. Wow NTFS and compression, one of the few GOOD Micro#hit inventions.

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    1.I installed win98 (after managing partitions) over installed FC2.
    2.Then when i booted :NO Grub screen.
    3. I booted using my FC2 1st Cd with rescue mode.
    4.I reinstalled grub (make a backup copy of ur grub.conf but usually grub keep the settings of the old grub.conf. if it didnt edit ur new one).

    Everything was OK after that.

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