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Thread: common /home

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    common /home

    Hi all,

    Can I create common /home partition for multiple Linux distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE?

    Please explain me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think that would vary from distributions installer to installer, but basically you don't select
    the option to format the partition, and you always select it to be mounted
    as /home. The hard part will be if you want to use the same home folder
    (ie: /home/linuxsuppot) creating the user in each distro, and making sure that
    the uid (user id number) is the same in each distro.

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    Hi, and welcome,
    Different distros give different user id numbers by default and this can cause problems.
    What you can do is to have common data partition. Give it an unforgettable and original name like "SDA7" for instance, and put in /etc/fstab in each distro. You should have the same name and uid in each distribution for your normal user account - I use 1001 - and this user id should own the data partition. Leave your home directories in the same partition as the root directory for each distro, and create symbolic links pointing to the data partition. In particular, you'll want to create a .mozilla, .evolution (if you use it), and so on folder in the data partition with a link from each home directory. In this way you keep the same bookmarks and preferences, and all your mail goes to one place. Your home directories will then all be tiny, with nothing in them except links, so you won't be running out of space all the time in your root partitions. Your data directory can be as big as you like.
    Back up your data partition to another HD if you can, and be careful with your mail application: sometimes after an update you'll find it deleting mail from the server as default behaviour. More distros -> more updates.
    I've been using this system for a while now, and heartily recommend it.
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    I agree with impert. Do not create separate partition for /home. Create a partition for data sharing instead.
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