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Thread: EEE PC Dilemma

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    Post EEE PC Dilemma

    I have an EEE PC 2G Surf with Windows XP installed on it. I don't have the password anymore, but I want to reformat the drive and install some sort of linux distro on it. The laptop doesn't have a CD Drive either, and I don't have an external CD Drive. What I do have is a laptop with a CD Drive and Windows XP, a 128mb Flash Drive and a 4gb external HARD drive. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Take a look at unetbootin to see if it might work for you:

    UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozar View Post
    Welcome to the forums!

    Take a look at unetbootin to see if it might work for you:
    Thanks, it worked! I tried it out with a small distro and I am running linux right now. However I need to find a way to reformat the main hard drive (from the external one running linux), then install linux on the main hard drive. I do not have much knowledge of linux or how OSes work in general, for that matter D:

    EDIT: Ok, I tried the same process on the external HARD drive but it won't boot from it, and the other one is too small to install the distro I want on the main hard drive anyway. Is there a way I can install a boot loader onto the small flash drive to boot the external hard drive and reformat+install linux from it? Phew, this is getting complicated!

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    GRUB Help, Installing onto netbook

    I need to install Linux on my netbook, but it has no optical drive and no OS on it at the moment. I have my main computer (running windows), a 128 mb flash drive and a 4g external hard drive. I've tried to start off by installing a small distro (puppy linux) on the flash drive (which works, and I can boot from it without any problems), however I can't get it to install onto the netbook itself! I figure once I have an OS on the PC I can install a bigger distro no problem by copying the files off of my external hard drive.

    So the only solution I can think of is to install GRUB on the 128mb flash drive, boot it from the flash drive and from there boot up onto the external hard drive (with my distro installed on it). Is this possible? Any other solutions are much appreciated D:

    I am a complete linux/grub/etc. newbie and have no idea how to get this working XD

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    You might try this link, the info you'll want i down near the bottom of the page:

    Install Linux From USB|Windows 7 Help is around the corner –

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