Well I have an eee pc with a 2g hard drive that I want to install leeenux, eeebuntu, or something similar on (maybe a nbr). It has no optical drive, but it has an SD slot and usb. At the moment all I have is a 128MB flash drive which I have puppeee installed on. I tried installing puppeee onto the hard drive but when I reboot it does a bunch of stuff, then stops once it says that it is installing a swap partition D:
Oh and I also have a 150mb swap partition which itself is in an extended partition: this is from a previously failed install but whenever I try to remove it I can't as both are locked (using gparted).

So what I want to do is run Unetbootin (which I have on an SD Card) and use a leeenux iso (for now, also on the sd card) to do a frugal install of leeenux onto the hard drive. Any tips? By the way I am a complete linux newbie and does anyone know the pros/cons of a frugal vs full install? When I open unetbootin it opens but it gives me several errors first. I point to the iso (mnt/sdb1) and I set the drive as dev/sda1 which I have already created but it runs through the steps extremely quick which does nothing and leaves a few small files on sda1.

**Just remembered: I also have grub setup on my MBR (from when I was trying to install puppeee), it points to the same drive, will it still work? And how can I remove it and get this thing booting without any work?