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Thread: Modem Troubles

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    Modem Troubles

    First let me say hi to everyone here, it looks like a great community you have set up. Second, I'm a complete newbie to linux, having only ever played around with things like cygwin to get used to basic commands etc. My command line knowledge extends to gcc, gzip, and directry traversal type commands. So, not very knowlegable.

    I've installed SuSE 8.0 Pro with no issues, and it seems to be a good OS. However, my modem isn't supported, it being a winmodem and all. I know its an AC'97 modem, but thats about as much as I know about it. If there are any drivers out there for it then Id love to be shown where. If not, then I dont mind buying a real modem. I live in the UK, and would like to know of an external modem that will definitly work under SuSE, that I can buy online. I'd rather not have to spend more than about £80 (about $110 I think) on it. Any suggestions for drivers or new modems?

    Much appreciated,


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    Are you sure that that's an AC'97 modem? AC'97 is primarily used with sound cards. Check with "lspci" what modem it is more exactly.
    There is the site You can check there if it says anything about your modem.
    Any external modem that you connect to your COM port via RS232 will most definitely work, unless it is some extremely strange, rare solution. I can't guarantee anything about USB modems.

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    Also you can download a package from that will have a "scanmodem" utility in it. I forget exactly if it is ./scanPCI or ./scanmodem but one will generally detect the type of modem that you have. Also the package for your specific distro available from will contain the source needed to build the drivers for your modem. On a generally fast machine PII900 it took me about 15 minutes to ./config ./make ./install the package.

    Maybe this will help you a little.


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