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    Question where glibc installed?

    I use Centos 5.2 and need to upgrade to glibc 2.7, after sudo install I didn't see /lib/libc* change nor can find my the cmd I used is:

    ../glibc-2.7/configure CFLAGS=-O2 LDFLAGS=-m32 --prefix=/usr --disable-profile --enable-add-ons --enable-kernel=2.6.18 --libexecdir=/usr/lib/glibc

    the last a few lines of install is:
    if test -r /usr/include/gnu/stubs-64.h && cmp -s /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/stubs.h /usr/include/gnu/stubs-64.h; \
    then echo 'stubs.h unchanged'; \
    else /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/stubs.h /usr/include/gnu/stubs-64.h; fi
    rm -f /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/stubs.h
    /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/elf/sln /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/elf/symlink.list
    rm -f /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/elf/symlink.list
    test ! -x /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/elf/ldconfig || LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=C \
    /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/elf/ldconfig \
    /lib64 /usr/lib64
    CC="gcc" /usr/bin/perl scripts/ /home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7-build/
    Your new glibc installation seems to be ok.
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jdai/Download/glibc-2.7'

    thanks for help.

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    32-bit libraries are generally found in /usr/lib and 64-bit ones in /usr/lib64. Look there.
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    just FYI, you might break something by doing this, so take a backup beforehand

    glibc is something highly depended on and changes versions should not be taken lightly

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    Yes I know. I won't overwrite/delete anything, at maximum I need recreate link other than crush anything. When I upgrade of course I have strong reason to do so.

    Yeah it installed as lib64. I need to hack to make 32bit lib. It is always a headache on CentOS 5.2. Anybody knows how to make 32bit app on 64bit OS pls be kindly to let me know. Sometimes I need to add CFLAGS=-m32 LDFLAGS=-m32, yet not always work.

    Thanks you very much for spend time t help me,

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