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    Xubuntu install problems on really old laptop

    I have tried installing Xubuntu on a really old laptop I have (it's like, 5 years old) and I keep having the same problem. When I put the disc in a try booting into it, it shows the word "Xubuntu" on the screen for about a minute. Then the screen goes black, and the computer won't respond and the screen (it's hooked up to an external monitor, the built in one broke, but you can see a very faint image) goes into sleep mode. The hard drive light stays off too. I've tried leaving in that state for a few hours, to see what would happen, but nothing does. The computer has XP installed, and can boot into it just fine. It has a 1.5 Ghz processor, and 256 MB of RAM.

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    Hello and welcome!

    If you haven't done so already, you might try the "alternate install CD". It's not a liveCD but a text only installer and it works for me every time whereas the liveCD doesn't.

    Hope it works if you try it.

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    OK, I'll try that. I'm downloading the ISO right now. I'm also getting a different ISO burning software. The other one I used threw an error code and closed the first time I tried opening it.

    Edit: Dang it, I burned the disc, and checked it. Two sectors weren't correct. I tried installing it anyway. Didn't work and now I'm out of blank CD's. I'll try picking some up later.

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