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    Windows 7 on Linux or Linux on Windows 7

    Should I use XEN or VirtualBox to host linux on windows 7 or windows 7 on linux?

    Since I've read about the problems of reading/writing NTFS disks with linux usnig the Linux NTFS driver, I thought it would be better to host windows on linux.

    I think the problem is that you never can be sure if the linux NTFS driver is going to corrupt your disk because Microsoft does not publish the format for linux developers.

    By running windows on linux, I could read and write EXT3 from windows. I think there are EXT3 drivers for windows.

    Then I got to thinking: If I am running Linux on Windows, am I going to be using SAMBA or the linux NTFS driver? I think I'm going to be using SAMBA to read and write the linux partitions -- correct?

    Are there other considerations when deciding to host linux on windows or windows on linux?

    I'm going to using both the linux and windows partitions for software development with java/eclipse and various databases including oracle.


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    There are no issues with NTFS on Linux. You're reading old docs. Read up on the ntfs-3g driver which is included with most every distro by default now.

    Linux handles MSFT filesystems *way better* than MSFT handles any non-FAT/NTFS filesystem.

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    also, samba is a server that allows you to create windows file shares that look and act like a share you would create from any windows machine

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