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    dual boot XP Ubuntu 10.04 - how to use same document/music/video directory with each

    Background: I have the following setup
    device fs mount size details
    /dev/sda1 ext4 / ubuntu 9GB boot
    /dev/sda2 ntfs /media/windows_os 11GB XP boot
    /dev/sda4 ext4 /home 5GB
    /dev/sda6 ntfs /media/windows_docs contains "my docs" for windows.

    problems already encounter:
    /home is not ntfs because smb is required to use root to get full access, so user programs write they are writing as root, then programs that write under another daemon are denied access to root owned directories. Hence it is a bad idea to have an NTFS /home dir. see the following post

    I want the following directories to act as the same place:
    /home/me/Documents -> /media/windows_docs/Documents
    both directories currently exist and are accessible but not linked.
    fyi: have also used gParted to refer to the /media/windows_docs/ directory as /media/DocsFolder/

    however the problem is this:
    1) I can't use "ln" to create hard links to directories and
    2) ln -s symbolic links command seems to link new directories under this area but not to the actual directory

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    After reading:
    I got the answer. Basically you need delete the directories in home such as
    $ rm -r /home/rupert160/Documents
    and run:
    $ ln -s /media/windows_docs/Documents /home/rupert160/Documents

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