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    My PC is now unable to boot from CD, Please help

    Dear Team

    I am a new joinee for Linux. I am not a computer graduate or studied anything about computers, but with time I ve learnt a bit about it. Well I was a routin windows user and just 1-2 months back i have came to know much about Linux OS and I was shocked, amazed, surprised, and excited to try linux. Since its a free OS i thought that nothing is wrong to try it at least.

    Then I have came to know abt Ubuntu and i heard that they are also sending free CDs, I have applied for one free CD and surprisingly It came to my home as well. I have 3 computers at my home, all were run on win-xp previously. all 3 are ancient PC with old low configuration. but my normal pc use is surf internet and to see normal word / excel files om my mail ID, so even i dont need a high configuration PCs.

    Now I am a very much new to linux and do not know much about it so I need an OS which is easy to install and has a great community, so I ve finalized my choice on ubuntu. Now I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 in one of my ancient PC (Celeron 465 Mhz, 256 Ram, 20GB HDD), I have install it without making any partition on my HDD (So only one partition of 20GB). it runs ok but when it comes to speed its damn slow, and when i m opening Open office its hell slow, i have to wait for atlest a minute to open OO file. and it is the same story with almost all applications,
    In short i found ubuntu 10.04 very slow on my that PC. The reasons behind it may be Ubuntu 10.04 has so many unnecessary programs. whatever but i have make my mind to change the OS from Ubuntu.
    Now I had 2 Option one is back to WIn-xp or
    another linux os which is fast on my PC
    I have done lots of research and decided to try small linux OS which may be faster and easy to use, I have made the CDs for Puppy-5, Slitaz-3.0 and DSL4.4.10, Since all of them runs on RAM, I have decided to atleast try all of them and whichever is more suitable to me I will install it on my Hard disk. and i would have a small fast OS!!

    Now comes the twist in the tale!!!
    The CDs of Puppy, DSL, Slitaz are ok ,working nicely, i have tried it on my another PC (Which has XP on it ), puppy & DSL working nicely on it, but my Ubuntu system is not taking anything. Its not getting booted from those CDs, I have tried every physical means & ways to get it booted but got failure every time. I have change CD Drives, CD Cables, Changed Jumpers as many times as possible, changed CDs and bios changes o many time, but my system is not getting booted from the CD, even I have tried Win-XP CD also but my system is not taking that as well.

    Even I select First Boot from CD, normal Ubuntu starts and when normal desktop comes it shows me CD drive with its CD name (Like Puppy, DSL, XP Etc), means my PC takes CD drive but not getting booted from it.

    Any suggestion? friends

    N.B. My Hard disk and CD ROM drives works on the same cable, because only one slot on the mother board is working and please dont ask me to change the jumper or put a jumper on mother board as well because dont forget i have already install ubuntu on the same system with the same circumstances (With one cable only and with jumper put at the right place)

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    My guess is that the Ubuntu disc did not get downloaded and/or burned correctly. You need to get the md5sum files for the disc you downloaded and verify first that the image you downloaded is correct. Then, you need to verify that the disc that was burnt generates the same md5sum. It is not uncommon for some error to occur during this process.
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