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    I selected Windows Loader, and what popped up was a grainy, reduced-graphics Windows interface which did seem to be a boot menu/re-installer. I didn't want to mess with any of the options, lest I lose Linux as well, so I restarted. Your guess was correct.

    Since you suggested that sda2 was my actual Windows partition, I went back to the boot menu and selected the option: Windows Recovery Environment (loader) (on /dev/sda2)

    The grainy windows logo and small load-bar appeared for a few seconds. A black screen with white text showed up, saying it was performing a disk check. I allowed it to do so. From there, I got the Vista logo and it loaded into Vista.

    I feel like a right idiot for not checking this sooner, but from its name in the boot menu I didn't think it was the right option. Is it fair to say that I've got Vista back, or did I access a 'safe' or 'diagnostic' version?

    Thank you everyone who responded; I'm sorry if my questions were trivial, I really wanted to figure out some more of the internal workings. I don't like doing things "just 'cause". I need to know. Guess that's the math major in me. I also know from past experiences that messing with options before finding out their full ramifications can be a nightmare.

    Long post, sorry, wanted to document what I saw in case others see this.

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    If you can access all your files/programs in vista now, you should have it back. I would suggest you make the vista recovery CD in case you have problems in the future.

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