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    minimal usb/qemu install

    i have some experience with linux (tried and used mandriva/fedora/(x/l)ubuntu/slitaz) so im not new to formatting, and installing linux in general, but i want to do something a bit more difficult:

    i want to install a rather minimal linux on a usb-stick so i can optionally boot from it, or use it from inside windows with qemu. i have tried out a configuration that does exactly this with slitaz, but there are some points that i was not satisfied with, so i post a list on what i want to use the system for, and im interested to hear from you how you would do this, or why i should totally drop this

    it should:
    -boot directly and from within windows (qemu)
    -be a real system (not live, so if i change a file, it should get changed on the stick)
    -be minimal, i dont need fancy graphics
    -be complete, i tried some minimal distros and a lot were lacking stuff like ed, file, sudo, etc.

    i intend to use this for educational purpose, to get a litte closer look at the guts of linux and do some simple scripting/coding. a webbrowser would be nice, but thats not my primary priority

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    You can use the livecd/liveusb/fromiso live (as well as installed antiX) to install an antiX.iso file to usb stick via the antix2usb application.
    1. Boot from live media
    2. Open antiXcc -> Disks -> antix2usb, provide root password
    3. Select Iso file - Navigate to the antiX.iso file
    4. Choose a system partition size of circa 10 MB bigger than the selected Iso file
    5. Set options for antix2usb ie persistent.
    6. Make sure hal is disabled before hitting Apply (/etc/init.d/hal stop)
    7. Once finished, you should have a bootable live usb stick with persistence enabled
    8. If you have an older computer, you might need to add this to the /boot/grub/menu.lst to stop being dropped to a limited shell, when booting from the usb stick.

    Howto articles - antiX
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