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    Question [SOLVED] Virgin install on old 120MHz laptop

    I'm trying to get any Linux on my Compaq LTE 5200. The problem is that it dose not have a floppy, and will not boot from CD or Network.

    The distros I'm working with; Damn Small Linux, DSL-Not, Spri, Puppy, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu -mini, U-Lite, Watt, Crunch Bang (Lite), or DeLi.

    I have a few other laptops that I can work with the HDD, and USB-HDD dongle. However, whenever I put the HDD back into the LTE 5200, I get all sorts of errors LiLo 99, GRUB 17, 2, 18.

    How can I install on system {A}, to work on {B}? Is there a way to put a floppy.img onto a HDD so that it will boot the CD? Other ideas?

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    its possible to do an install from hard disk, but this requires grub to already be installed in MBR, you may be able to do this from some other machine that is running linux

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    Do you care to elaborate?

    Like this?
    dd if=bootdisk.img of=/dev/hda1

    or is there something else you're thinking?

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    PLoP Linux did the trick, or more accurate the PLoP Bootmanager. I installed to HDD. Found out the hard way I had to do low rez, but it has booted DSL, DSL-N, and Puppy from CD. Seems to mess up if I install anything else <shrug>

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