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    suse linux9.3 installation problem


    i have problem in installation suse linux9.3 in my computer
    we i finish the setup steps and remove cd from cdrom and configure my network and my graphic card .the linux don't open suse linux desktop .it give to me black window and don't enter.

    please help me

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    "Black window and don't enter." Does this mean you are brought to a command prompt, or you are just presented with a blank screen? Do you see any errors when you boot up? Do you see anything when you boot up?

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    i didn't see any error in boot up
    he give to me screen in this screen he let me choose between

    suse linux 9.3
    suse linux 9.3[failsafe]
    i choose suse linux9.3 to enter to the window that i enter root password in it ..

    it don't enter to this window ,it give me black window

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    So you don't even get the login screen, right?

    OK, have you tried the failsafe boot? Also, I'm sure you have, but just have to ask: have you let the computer just sit for a few minutes, in case it is still loading up?

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    yes i wait 30 min and no response still black

    failsafe i choose it but it didn't give me desktop screen
    it give me screen to enter commands and i enter the root password but i don't know what can i make in failsafe to solve this problem?

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    Well boot into failsafe and try using the command 'startx' to obtain a GUI. Does this work?

    There is some kind of an issue in the non-failsafe boot option. If using 'startx' takes you to the same blank screen, your problem is in the X configuration, most likely.

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    yes i tried it and i enter command 'init 5 'to check my graphic card and it ok
    and enter 'startx' and it the same blank screen
    what can i do to solve X configuration problem from failsafe?

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    Suse Linux 9.3 is 5-6 years old, how old/new is your computer? Post some specs on your hardware, particularly graphics card. Suse 9.2 may not recognize hardware if it is newer.

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    Wait, does 'init 5' give you a working GUI?

    My guess is there is a problem in your /etc/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. Have you had a working GUI on this monitor before? There could be any number of errors in the xorg.conf file, which may prevent the monitor from displaying.

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    yes this GUI working in this monitor .....this the second time to install linux and it worked in this pc before.
    do you know how can i check if there any number of errors in the xorg.conf file?

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