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    Intermittent PSU Problems

    Hi All

    This isn't a specific Linux Problem, but all you lot seem really knowledgeable so perhaps you can help. When i press the power button the power light for the machine comes on, but nothing else happens not fans - (not even the PSU) come on and it just sits there dead. The Power indicator LED is functioning as normal, but thats it,

    I'm reluctant to buy a new PSU (unless mine is truly dead), as it would mean the first purchase for my linux box, the rest being scrounged or downloaded for free

    Many Thanks (In Advance)


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    Hmm... it could be a "too weak" PSU, eg, you got some hardware that pulls a lot of power, and the PSU can't deliver enoguht power. could you tell us the watt rating for the PSU? (though, it's not a 100% correct measure ment of the strength of a PSU, but it gives a hunch). Did you plug some new hardware in to your system recently? (eg a new grafics card).
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    Hi Scientica

    It is only a 'feeble' 250W PSU, but the PC Spec is only;

    P3 800
    256 SDRAM
    2x 40GB 7200 IDE (on IDE 0)
    1x SONY CDRW (on IDE 1)
    an Nvidia Geforce 2 GRFX Card
    NIC (PCI)
    16Bit Snd Blaster (PCI)

    and it has booted and run RH9 sucessfully in the past, i just moved it from off the floor onto my desk, and now it's stopped working.
    I have had the PSU cover off (Taking all sensible precautions) but can see nothing obviously broken / bent / damaged etc.

    Any Thoughts greatly appreciated

    Oh BTW - the NIC Card is new (to the system), but it has operated and booted succesfully with this in (the NIC wasn't working but that's a separate issue)



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