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    How to copy a linux to other pc via Internet?


    I have a linux, it has installed packages.
    How can I copy the entire linux with the MBR to other machine via Internet:

    PC2+Windows or Linux2

    What if the owner of PC2 is new to Linux? Some easy way to do it with open source tools?
    I know for dd and R-DriveImage. dd is free, R-DriveImage is commerical, not expensive. What I'm not sure is what hardware will have PC2. For example, the linux1 may not detect well the video card, so no graphic environment, the graphic environment will not run well.

    This will save time to install manually all packages on the PC2, just a command and PC is ready.

    Thank you.


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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Don't know that it will work for you, but take a look at Clonezilla to see if it might serve your needs:


    Hope it works out.

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    Thank you very much. Sounds interesting. It's open source and has live CD.


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    Making a bit-image of your system is easy. Using that image to install on a similarly configured remote system can be easy, but it cannot be done directly. You have to make the bit image, then copy it to an external device on the remote system. Then, reboot the remote system with a recovery or liveCD/DVD/USB drive so you don't mount the system drive. Finally, copy the bit image from the external drive where you copied it originally to the system drive. Voila, you have a clone of the original system, including software, users, network addresses (not a problem if you are using DHCP to get dynamic addresses, but a potential big problem if using static IP addresses - however, that is easily fixed).

    I use this technique from time-to-time, and it works very well for me. If the systems are different, especially in disc configuration/size, then use something like clonezilla, which will deal with differences between the systems in a more elegant manner.
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    Thank you for your ideas!

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