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    removing-unmonting LVM

    Hello all

    I browsed the forum for some info on LVM but didn't have any luck :/

    The proplem is that i removed a Volume group in LVM but now i can't mount my drives back normal as i don't see anything in the mounted partition.

    most likely some setting are left over, i changesd the info in fstab but didn't have any luck either.

    what i did was removing first the logical volumes then deleted the volume group. didn't unmount the phycal partitions before and perhaps this might have given some errors ...

    Now my question are, first of all can i recover my data ? or remounting the all thing by changing the config files in some way: lvmtab i think

    and if not, how could i still reconver my data or mounting back the drives as normal ones without formatting them ?

    hope it was clear enough,

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    I can't really say that I understand what you're trying to do.

    Were you using a couple of partitions in a volume group, and now you're trying to mount them individually? In that case, of course it won't work -- you need a filesystem to mount something, not just raw LVM data. If that was what you were trying to do, I can't say that I understand what you were expecting to see in the directory where you tried to mount them.

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    what i wanted to do was to remove LVM from my machine. This was the main goal. ofcourse it ihknk i did something wronf when removing it :/

    This was the setup of LVM :

    3 HDD in the machine:
    first with 4 partitions and the others two without any.

    The 4th partition on the first HDD + 3rd HDD formed the 1st logical partition
    The second HDD on it's own was the 2nd logical partition

    i first removed the 2 logical groups, then deleted the volume group without first removing the physical partititions. ( perhaps this wasn't a good idea )

    The partitions used for LVM were (and are stil now) as u say of type LVM and mounted as reiser.

    it was a foolish move i admit but now i'm afraid for my data :/ the one the second HDD isn't so important, but the first logical partition was the one with my data :/

    Could i eventually recreate the table without inizialing it or formatting to mount it ? perhaps i could then move the info to the second HDD

    i hope this was a bit more clear response i hope

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    I wouldn't be so sure that that's possible. I'm not sure if logical volume creation is a deterministic procedure, so I don't know what would happen if you were to try and do it again. But if there is something that should work, it would be if you try to recreate the volume group and logical volumes again, using the exact same steps you did when you created them the first time. If that doesn't help, I cannot help you further at this moment -- I don't know enough about LVM's on-disk physical representation.

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    thx Dolda

    I would like to leave this option as the last one so that i don't have to touch the HDD so much anymore and really risking of loosing the data.

    Thx tho for the fast reply tho

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