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    installing mandriva on usb hard drive.

    Hello Linux experts can someone help me please? I have a 250 gig usb hard drive. I have formatted it, and split it into 2 partitions. I would like to install Mandriva 2010.1 onto the first partition. Do I connect the hard drive (usb) after Windows has finished loading and then restart after altering the boot-up configuration? Or do I boot-up the Mandriva disc, then connect the usb drive? If some kind soul can give me the correct sequence I will be very grateful. I am really keen to get Linux running and would appreciate any help, nothing too techie if you don't mind.

    Thank you.

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    I would boot with the external drive plugged in, go into the BIOS and disable the internal HD if possible and finish booting into the Mandriva live CD. Or just physically disconnect the internal drive before booting. It's not necessary to do so, but prevents installing over Windows by accident. When you run the installer, you'll only have the external drive available by default and the installation should just be as normal.

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    Hi there... you need to boot with the drive connected in order for the system to detect it and make it available (and later to ensure that the BIOS sees that it has bootable partitions, so as to offer it as an option in the boot menu if your BIOS supports one). However, reed9's suggestion that you just disable your internal HDD to prevent making a mistake during the install is a good one.
    Of course, this will mean that you bootloader will not see the windows partitions, and will therefore not account for them. You'll have to add them in later. Also, if you reconnect the internal drive, the MBR on the internal drive will take precedence during boot, and you will only see the windows loader. You'll have to always select the BIOS boot menu (again, if you get a choice during BIOS boot) to choose the external drive.
    However, this may well be desirable if the external drive is not always connected?
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