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    arch installation issue

    i installed arch-core-64bit or so i thought i did and when i restarted it i got the error
    error:file not found
    grub rescue>
    i have gotten this error before and got around it buy just reinstalling
    the OS but now when i try to set the booting device to CD i get the same error and when i try to set it to usb i get a error saying
    disk error...
    could this be because my usb not formatted to arch's liking?
    well any way that's not my big problem my big problem is the fact that i do not know how to reinstall the OS i have searched for a couple days and still have no idea how to get this accomplished.
    if anyone has any ideas plz help my computer is a brick as of now

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    The file not found error generally means Grub was not installed correctly and reinstalling Grub should resolve the problem. Are you saying you changed your BIOS setting from first boot priority for the CD after install and now you can't change it back? That would not be related to an OS install but I'm not sure I'm understanding your problem in this regard?

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    hey im sorry if i was unclear but i found the fix i guess my md5 sum was off and it wouldnt load correctly i got the live cd to boot buy redownloading it and i switch cd burners but now im gettting a cant access tty error i guess my bootable disk isnt registering any ideas on this error ive looked around and most errors where regarding usb installs

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