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    Dual Boot Windows 7 / Suse 11

    I am trying to install Suse 11 on my new laptop. The laptop has 250GB capacity. As I only use Linux for some scientific programming, I only needed to allocate about 20GB to Linux.
    SDA1 is NTFS PQ Service 13.1 GB
    SDA2 is NTFS Sys Reserved 101.9 GB
    SDA 3 was the mainWindows user partition.
    I shrunk this partition to 195GB using GPARTED.
    I then tried to add 3 new Linux partitions to the unallocated disc space for usr home and a swap partition.
    GPARTED informed me that I would need to produce an extended partition to do this.
    SDA4 became an extended partition 24.42GB
    SDA5 EXT2 10.74 GB
    SDA6 SWAP 1.46GB
    SDA7 EXT2 11.21GB

    When I started the SUSE install, all of the partitions were recognised correctly, but on the Grub details screen (Grub was allocated by SUSE to SDA4) I was warned that as this was beyond 128GB, my computer might not boot correctly.
    Is this likely to be the case, or do I need to alter something to get SUSE to install. The last thing i want with a new computer is a system that won't boot at all.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    If you created a root partition on sda5., swap on sda6 and home on sda7 you should have Grub pointing to and installed on sda5. Strange that it would try to use and extended partition. I've never seen that happen. Do you select manual or expert installation method so you have more control?

    I'm not familiar with the 128GB error so can't help you there.

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