First I'd like to say that I havent been here since '07, and man does it feel good to be back.

Since then redundant raids have entered the home market, like a pubescent child stumbling across adult TV channels.

Building a socket 1366 core i7 box, and i want to dual boot windows 7 and Mandriva, and i'll NEVER get used to calling it that.

but i want to dual boot in redundant raid, 2 drives for windows and 4-6 drives for linux, trust me i need it with the work i deal with i filled a 1.0TB drive in 2 weeks

Can i use the onboard raid for both or would it be easier to have win7 on the onboard and get a pci raid card for linux?

OMW out the door so if you need me to elaborate more, I'll be back in about an hour