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    i was referring to grub legacy apparently, i didn't know grub2 starts partitions from 1 now but disks from 0, kind of odd

    the other thing i said still applies, install grub to linux filesystem

    maybe refit can't boot from linux filesystem? which is why when you installed grub on other filesystems it actually showed up

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    But does the grub legacy method apply to Ubuntu Ultimate or 10.04.01 LTS, as its been suggested these operating systems use grub 2?

    Also I have to clarify that I have never installed the grub into another operating system.

    The only way I found grub to control all 4 operating systems whilst using the rEFIT was when I installed the grub into DEV/SDA.

    All 4 operating systems boot up from the boot page, but grub menu appears every time with the choices etc.

    I am going to try out your method in the week:

    1) Place grub into the Linux file system (EXT 3or 4 partition DEV/SDA?)

    2) Then try grub using the (hdx,y) setting

    If none of these methods work as I want them to, I will REVERT back to the way I found does work - grub into DEV/SDA & let GRUB control everything before boot up.

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    no, 9.10 and later use grub2

    if you aren't against it, grub 2 is pretty good at detecting all other OS and should have no problems being your default boot manager

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    Right so the versions of Unbuntu I am using - Ultimate 2.7 or 10.04.01 LTS - both use GRUB 2?

    Anything before (older than) Unbuntu 9.10 uses legacy GRUB?

    If grub 2 does not come with the versions of unbuntu I am using, how do I get it & install it?

    However I'm reading from all replies that GRUB 2 does come on the Unbuntu Ultimate / 10.04.01 LTS install discs.

    In which case as I've already mentioned that on 'one' occasion when experimenting - I installed the GRUB loader, by chance into the MAIN HARD DRIVE root (DEV/SDA - without the partition numbers) GRUB did control all 4 operating systems.

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    I reinstalled ultimate 2.7 ~DEV\SDA 7 is where the EXT 3 files went on the partition table.

    So I put the boot loader into (hd0,6) as suggested.

    Went to boot up linux from rEFIt boot page and Windows 7 (which is in the 2nd partition) booted up instead!

    How do you put the boot loader into the main MBR and what effect would.this have on the other operating systems when trying to boot them or linux?

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    since it is grub2, it should be hd0,7 according to previous posters saying partitions start from 1 now

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    Here are some replies I got from another site on the same question - where do I install the boot loader etc]Linux Mint Forums

    View topic Where do I install the GRUB loader for a quad boot

    check out "stantheman" reply in particular.

    Is it possible to install grub 2 in 2 places at once?

    That's what I understand he's said he's done.

    I will reinstall ubuntu again and place grub in (hd0,7) this time and see what happens.

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    Reinstalled to. DEV\SDA 7 with grub 2 going to (hd0,7). There is now 5 boot icons
    2 of which are linux penguins - when clicked on wndows 7 boots up!

    Windows 7 is installed on the 2nd partition location.

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    I'm not really sure what your setup is now but as I understand it, you are using the mac bootloader "rEFIT??" to boot all systems. Is that right? If that is the case then you need to edit/modify the boot files in the mac bootloader. You are obviously not even getting to Grub bootloader if you have Grub installed on its partition (sda7). The mac bootloader has to point to it before it can do anything. I've never used a mac so I have no idea what to edit.

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    I have rEFIt 1.4 installed onto my Macbook Pro, the program rEFIt recognises more than one operating system installed on the hard drive.

    You turn the machine 'ON' & are presented with boot ICONs on the main page, scroll left or right to which ever system you want to boot up.

    Again as I have already explained in this post,my SET UP on the mac is as follows & is set up in this order according to the tutorial instructions on - quad booting macbook.

    1st partition - WINDOWS 7 - dos formatted until dvd install disc changes to NTFS
    2nd partition - STORAGE SPACE - (Empty Space) - dos formatted
    3rd partition - WINDOWS XP - dos formatted until dvd install disc changes to NTFS
    4th partition - MAC Osx - Snow Leopard 10.6.x - HFS+ formatted
    5th partition - FREE SPACE - dos formatted - (Soon to be SWAP FILE & EXT 3 partitions)

    The Mac partitioning numbers may be expressed differently on ther LINUX partitioning table once in LINUX.

    These partitions are created in MAC OSX before installing MAC OSX operating system, you use the DISK UTILITY program to CREATE 5 partitions from scratch & NAME THEM AS ABOVE.


    rEFIt is the link from the BOOT page to the actual BOOT up of the operating system you choose.

    You cannot edit the Mac boot loader, there is no need to.

    Basically I can have a TRIPLE boot machine, THIS IS THE POINT where I have INSTALLED:

    WIn 7
    Win XP
    Mac Osx

    They all boot individually & independently up from the rEFIt page - NO PROBLEMS, NO CONFLICTS FROM any other operating system.

    Until I install Unbuntu Ultimate ot 10.04.01LTS, when I do this there is NOW 4 icons on the rEFIt boot menu, the extra one being the penguin.

    Why are the Boot loaders for the above operating systems AUTOMATICALLY loaded into the correct MBR partition location for them to boot up when requested, but the LINUX boot loader has to SPECIFICALLY installed, why is this not a straightforward INSTALL?

    It should be a case of choose your partition location, install & boot up, with the GRUB 2 or boot loader added to the MBR automatically.

    I click on the penguin & it either freezes, no boot or Windows 7 boots up or on other instances there has been 2 penguins on the screen, both inactive.

    I've installed the boot loader into one location & the Windows 7 icon dissapeared from the boot page menu.

    I have tried many variations of installing the GRUB 2 either into the actual DEV/SDA where the sys files are installed OR used the (hdx,y) location.

    Still no joy!

    Maybe GRUB 2 does not work with rEFIt as well as the legacy GRUB with older versions of Linux?

    If you want to look at other replies at:

    View topic - Where do I install the GRUB loader for a quad boot

    Some one suggests you can install GRUB 2 to 2 places at once, with some chain loader editing in TERMINAL.

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