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    Virtual Machine or Live Distro CD

    I want to run through alot of flavors of linux and would like to know what you guys recommend for convenience/realistic(gives an accurate feel of how it will run when I actually install it). Also if you have any other pros/cons that would be great as well. Or if there is another option besides a virtual machine or live CD, I would like to hear that as well

    Thank you in advance

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    If you have a fairly good machine with decent memory, I would go with the VM. Live CDs always seem sluggish to me, while the VM versions I use are fine.

    One downside to the VM is that you have to actually install it, versus the live cd where you download, burn and go.

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    I usually download a liveCD/DVD iso, install it on a thumb drive, and boot/run from that to test the OS. The thumb drive can be reused and is a lot faster than a CD or DVD. Then, if I decide I want to work with the OS some more, then I will install it into a virtual machine that I can use as I would a native installation on my system.
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    It's a case of swings and roundabouts. A VM may not show you how the distribution will interact with your hardware but will typically be faster than a Live CD
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